No War On Christmas Here... Move Right Along...

Poor Mikey Weinstein... even manger scenes offend, according to the Navy Times.  Not content with stomping out military chaplains for holding interfaith prayer services, it would appear as if Baby Jesus is in his crosshairs:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation received an email Monday night signed by 18 active-duty service members protesting the Nativity scenes set up at the Guantanamo’s Gold Hill and Seaside galleys, according to foundation president Mikey Weinstein.

In a photo sent to Navy Times by Weinstein, the Gold Hill galley appears to be decorated with banners reading “Merry Christmas.”

“Our local military family encompasses many faiths and beliefs to include Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, Buddhist, Agnostic and other denominations,” the email to MRFF states. “By placing these displays in prominent common areas, the impression is that one faith is better than others, and that the military institution singularly promotes Christianity.”

Weinstein sent a statement to senior Pentagon officials Tuesday morning but had not received a response as of Tuesday afternoon.

“MRFF is demanding that the wholly unconstitutional Nativity scenes and other sectarian messages be taken down immediately from the Gold Hill and Seaside gallies [sic] at GTMO,” Weinstein’s email to the Pentagon reads. “Of course, they can be put up at places that are constitutionally allowable such as the installation chapel facilities.”

Now we're just going out on a limb here... but is a Nativity Scene really the focal point of religious persecution in this world?  You would think that MRFF and ol' Mikey would be a bit more worried about say, religious persecution in Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, southern Egypt, no-go zones in Britain and France... heck, for a more American flavor, try Dearborn, Michigan.

But no... military chaplains and those worrisome manger scenes.  I mean, the converts to Christianity are just rolling through the door because of those bad boys -- right?

Of course, that's not Weinstein's point.  The litany of horribles that Weinstein perpeatrates is just offensive and outrageous.  

Great for attention, but probably not the most honorable of pursuits.  Nevertheless, it does drive home that the "War on Christmas" certainly is on... and it's a lucrative business for those cracking down on religious sentiment in public settings.