The ENDA Common Sense

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (July 10th, 2013) -- Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Senate Education, Health, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee vote today on S. 815, the  Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):

"Picture your child in a classroom full of students, when a formerly male teacher walks in as a transgendered female at the beginning of the school year.  What would you tell your child?  Wouldn't you as a parent be entitled to make a decision as to whether or not such an environment where a teacher -- who has decided to bring their ‘gender confusion’ into the classroom -- is forcing you as a parent to explain such concepts?

"Our children's education and well-being should be more important than catering to the unhealthy psychological condition of a very small group of individuals.  Children need --and have a right to --a psychologically stable and emotionally secure environment in which to learn.

"Currently, 33 states do not make "gender identity" a protected minority under law.  If ENDA passes, it will override the law in those 33 states and force every school district to make transgenders and transsexuals a protected minority on par with racial minorities and women.  

"Every school administrator will be forbidden by law from reassigning or not hiring any transgender or other psychologically unhealthy teacher, as this would be considered "discrimination" under ENDA.  Every state will be forced to make bi-gender, gender fluid, transgender, genderqueer … into protected classes.   

ENDA is not fair to children.  Students should not be forced into such an environment where they are effectively used as human shields to force the acceptance of transgenders and transsexuals into mainstream culture. 

“The U.S. Senate must vote no on ENDA, get out of the Beltway mentality, and apply a dose of common sense and do what’s right for kids.”