It’s bad enough that military chaplains and members of our armed services are under assault for sharing their religious beliefs. But now POW/MIA displays are under attack if they contain a Bible.

The Obama Administration is putting the "gender identity" of she-males before the well being of our children. Students should not be forced into an environment where they are coerced to accept or affirm a teacher’s gender identity issues.

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Nancy Pelosi has never been one for polite words when it comes to the pro-life movement...More >>
Stand in Solidarity to Defend Marriage

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We stand together as Christians in defense of marriage and the family and society founded upon them. While we come from a variety of communities and hold differing faith perspectives, we are united in our common faith in Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge that differences exist between us on important matters of religious doctrine and practice. But, on the matter of marriage, we stand in solidarity. As a nation, we have lost our moral compass. As a result, we are losing true freedom. We affirm together that there is a moral basis to a free society. Though we live in a secular society, together we reject relativism and secularism.

We affirm that marriage and family have been inscribed by the Divine Architect into the order of creation. Marriage is ontologically between one man and one woman, ordered toward the union of the spouses, open to children and formative of family. Family is the first vital cell of society; the first church, first school, first hospital, first economy, first government and first mediating institution of our social order. The future of a free and healthy society passes through marriage and the family.