Chuck Hagel Will Say Anything To Get a Job

-- Last Minute Apologies to Anti-Marriage/LGBT Anything Goes Zealot Hormel; Anti-Israel Stance Disqualifies Hagel From Serious Consideration for U.S. Secretary of Defense -- 

Obama Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has now apologized for statements made opposing homosexual activist James Hormel’s nomination by President Clinton to be Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1998.

According to the New York Times (A12, January 7, 2013), Hagel said Hormel had been “openly, aggressively gay” on his stances on homosexual issues.  The story reported that Hagel has since apologized for that remark and said he now favors homosexuals serving openly in the military.

Hagel served as a Republican Senator from Nebraska and opposed Hormel’s nomination which died in one session of the Congress but was only revived through a recess appointment in the next session without a vote.

Traditional Values Coalition played the leading role in defeating James Hormel's nomination.

In his autobiography, “Fit to Serve” (Skyhorse Publishing, 2011), Hormel claimed that by May, 1998 he had 58 votes in the Senate, just two short of the number needed to break an anticipated filibuster.  But all of that changed.

“Several weeks later, Andrea Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition struck again," Hormel wrote in his book, "sending every member of the Senate a box of crayons and a photocopy of a booklet she found in the Hormel Center, a feminist statement from the 1970s charmingly titled 'The C--t Coloring Book."

The Senate did not schedule a vote and Hormel's nomination died. He received a temporary recess appointment during the next session.

TVC President Andrea Sheldon Lafferty who uncovered hundreds of grossly shocking documents including the coloring book in the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center of the San Francisco public library (repository for LGBT history and culture) says, “Hagel was right to oppose Hormel and wrong to apologize for it ‘just to get a job."

"That library and this coloring book are just as repulsive today as they were in 1998 and Mr. Hagel knows it," said Mrs. Lafferty.

"Mr. Hagel is clearly out of the mainstream on this issue and also in his opposition to Israel. His willingness to tailor his beliefs to the opportunity of the moment is a character flaw which should disqualify him for this position and any others of substantial responsibility.

"TVC encourages all Senators to oppose the Hagel nomination, and President Obama should resist some sort of back-door recess appointment for this important position.  Hagel needs to be defeated just as his new friend Hormel was defeated."