Obama: Out Of The Closet on Gay Marriage!

Washington D.C. (May 8, 2012) -- Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) president Andrea Lafferty commented on President Barack Obama’s “evolved” position on homosexual marriage after Vice President Joe Biden’s revealing slip on NBC’s Meet the Press this Sunday regarding the Obama administration’s support for gay marriage:

“This isn’t exactly a bold move by the president.  Forced by Joe Biden’s big mouth, Obama had no choice left but to publicly embrace an agenda he has privately promoted for years.

“I’ve been saying this for the last four years.  Obama has always been in favor of homosexual marriage, but was forced to keep his enthusiasm at a distance for fear of offending the American public. 

“Obama needs new friends.  His leadership has completely alienated Wall Street, financial investors, small businesses, soccer moms, and virtually every other constituency by pushing his radical ideology at a time when America needed principled leadership.  Who better to appease than a group of equally fanatical individuals with tons of disposable income to fund his re-election campaign?

“North Carolina just became the 31st state to affirm the sanctity of marriage.  As if mainstream Americans needed any further reasons to reject Obama’s radical social agenda, we were most certainly reminded today.”

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