Traditional Values Coalition is joining the Question Evolution Campaign!


The creation vs. evolution issue is a core issue because the teaching of evolution (everything made itself without God) leads students to reject biblical authority/morality and thus robs them of true meaning and purpose for their lives, found only in Jesus Christ.  Traditional Values Coalition is partnering with Creation Ministries International for a world changing campaign that we believe will have a dramatic impact.

Our partner in this exciting campaign

The Question Evolution! Campaign was launched by Creation Ministries International (CMI), a prominent 30-year-old biblical creation group, as a grassroots movement to combat evolutionary indoctrination . The campaign is being actively pursued in the United States and internationally educating students about evolutionary falsehoods plus making student’s anti-evolutionary sentiments visible. In addition, this campaign can be used to make opposition to evolution known in the broader community.  It is important that adults participate along side the children in this campaign.

15 Questions Tracts evolutionists cannot answer

The campaign encourages students to wear "question evolution" t-shirts and share 15 Questions for Evolutionists tracts in their community as well as in their schools. The tracts encourage Christians to remain strong in their faith, but they also challenge non-Christians regarding a major excuse for unbelief.   Some of the questions are:

  •     How did life originate?
  •     Living things look like they were designed, so how do evolutionists know that they were not designed?
  •     Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?

Get involved in the fall of liberal secularism today

The idea is to get active grassroots Question Evolution Campaigns going throughout the United States during the summer so they will hit the ground running at full speed at the beginning of the school year plus getting churches involved as well.  The fall of the atheistic Soviet Union and its ideology was brought about through everyday people publicly expressing their dissatisfaction.  This shows what a dramatic effect grassroots efforts can have against secular ideology.  It is important to reach young people before they are indoctrinated with evolutionary dogma and to have young people filled with energy and enthusiasm actively involved in this campaign.

Find out more about this exciting campaign

You can make a difference in removing this one-sided secular ideology from our schools by getting everyone involved in the Question Evolution! Campaign today! Encourage your teenagers to get involved in this campaign. Also, church leaders and laymen asking their congregations to get involved will truly energize this campaign so get your church involved as well. For more information please see: