When It Comes To Abortion In California, Pets Get Better Healthcare Than Women

Bills Aimed at Making it Easier to Kill the Unborn and Harm their Mothers Are Moving Through the Legislature!

by Benjamin Lopez

Liberal Democrats that dominate the California State Legislature are poised to do the absurd and pass the moronic idea of giving pets more safety standards in medical care than they would women in California.

If they have their way, then by May 31st they will be one step closer to ensuring animal abortions are done with greater care and trained surgeons than those abortions performed on women!

Current California Business & Professions Code 4826 requires that an animal abortion be performed ONLY by a Veterinary Surgeon.

Yet one bill would remove the current requirement that a human abortion be performed only by a trained surgeon. Non-doctors could perform surgical abortions if they pass AB 154.

Yup, you read correctly. Animal abortions would be performed by licensed and trained veterinarian surgeons while abortions performed on women could now be done by non-physicians.

The baby death camp that newly-convicted baby-killer Kermit Gosnell ran in Philadelphia could soon be a reality here in California. Barely trained “medical” staff performing abortions. Botched abortions. Women bleeding to death. Babies surviving abortion only to be left to die. This could happen in California!

Liberal Democrats that are beholden to Planned Parenthood and to others in the abortion industry are ramming through the State Legislature bills that would make California the go-to-place in the country to have abortions.

These bills would 1) allow non-doctors to perform surgical abortions, and 2) create walk-in abortion facilities.

It is hard to believe that liberals in the Legislature, the very same people who claim to be the only party that defend’s women’s health would have the audacity to propose new ones that only have the best interests of women’s health in man, would make abortion more common, more routine and even more risky. But that is exactly what they are doing.

Assembly Bill 154, being pushed by activist lesbian Toni Atkins of San Diego, would make abortions more available and pose the greatest harm to women. If her bill passes and is signed into law then any nurse practitioner, physician assistant or nurse midwife could be deemed “certified” to perform surgical abortions anywhere in California. AB 154 lessens the standards and medical training needed to perform an abortion. This would be Kermit Gosnell’s dream if he were in California.

Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies that were born alive from failed abortion attempts. To ensure their death he jammed scissors in the back of their necks and cut their spinal cords.                                                                                                       

But to add to this disturbing brutality was that Gosnell would pay untrained “assistants” to administer anesthesia, perform sonograms, help with the abortion procedure and dump babies’ remains. One assistant of his was a high school student with very little training that he paid $10 an hour under the table. He encouraged his assistants to bring in pregnant women to entice them into having abortions. He would give them $20 bonuses for bringing in women who were in the second-trimester of pregnancy.  

Can you image the horror stories that could take place here in California is AB 154 were enacted into law?

Under current law anyone who performs an abortion or assists in performing one if they are not licensed to do so can be fined up to $10,000 and be given prison time. AB 154 would eliminate this requirement and make exceptions for nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Those in these positions do not have the full-scale medical training like medical doctors. They would only have to go through an 8 week course to be considered “certified” to perform abortions. For medical doctors it takes them years to be fully trained in surgery procedures. Something is gravely wrong with this picture!

Can you imagine…the long tradition of viewing nurse midwives as a comforting aid in the delivery of a child will now be marred by the thought of them performing abortions and leading babies to their deaths. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants that routinely assist with giving patients exams, injections, prescriptions and can perform minor procedures like removing a mole or small cyst from a patient’s arm, leg or face will now be given the ability to perform a surgical abortion on a woman.

What will these less trained and unskilled medical “assistants” do if faced with a baby who survives their abortion attempt? Will they leave them in toilets to drown like one baby was in Gosnell’s death clinic? Will they start cutting open the back of babies’ necks and then cut their spines to send them to their death? What about the mother? Will they let her bleed to death like some under Gosnell’s care?

The University of California, San Francisco conducted a pilot-program that was funded with state money that trained nurses and physician assistants to perform first trimester abortions using the suction technique (where the limbs of unborn babies are ripped from their torsos). The project reported in December 2011 that there was an 80% increase in complications when midwives and physicians performed abortions. Where are the “pro-choice” outcries now about protecting women’s health?!

At a time when Gosnell’s evil disdain for the unborn is exposed why would California’s liberal Democrats that dominate the Legislature want to lessen the standards that would protect women on operating tables and prevent Gosnell death clinics from running rampant here?!

To make matters EVEN MORE WORSE is these legislators, being pushed by those in the abortion industry that make a profit from the number of unborn babies killed, are pushing another bill that goes hand in hand with AB 154.

Assembly Bill 980, by liberal Democrat Richard Pan of Sacramento, would do two things:

  1. Classify abortions as non-surgical procedures (even though they clearly are).
  2. Redesignate abortion clinics as “primary care clinics.” (Sounds like a modern day version of “back-alley” abortions!)

AB 980 would be nothing more than a money making opportunity for Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry that prey on desperate women in crisis pregnancies.

AB 980 specifically changes the building code classifications and requirement for abortion clinics so they would now fall under “primary care” clinics. In doing so, AB 980 would then clear the way for abortion “counseling centers” and “counseling rooms” to qualify as acceptable areas to perform abortions. And you can bet that if AB 154 is enacted along with AB 980 low-level staff with no real training would be performing risky abortions left and right.

By AB 980 designating both medical and surgical abortions as “primary care” they are placing abortion in the same light as other routine procedures like immunizations, physicals, blood work, etc. This is absurd and putting women in grave danger with no safeguards whatsoever.  I can see what lies ahead if AB 154 and AB 980 are signed into law; next will be a bill to force insurance companies to pay for this new routine “primary care” procedure called abortion.

Beth Parker, the chief legal counsel for Planned Parenthood Affiliates in California had the insensitive audacity to say: “For medical abortions, there is no difference between taking a pill for a cold or taking one to induce an abortion.” What she ignores is that one of those pills begins to kill the unborn child at the risk of the mother.

I must stress this to you again; these coming weeks are critically important! What we do now could very well determine whether or not California becomes the easy-access, one-stop shop for abortions in the country! We only have a few weeks to start raising an outcry again in defense of California’s unborn children and their mothers and stop AB 154 and AB 980!

I personally walk the halls of our State Capitol on behalf of Traditional Values Coalition with you in mind. We are constantly having a physical presence at the State Capitol to represent you. With your help, action, and prayers you have helped ensure that conservative pro-family forces are a force to be reckoned with.

Please help me continue to stand toe to toe with the multi-million dollar abortion industry my flooding the Capitol with calls, email and faxes. The lives of  the unborn and the health of their mothers are depending on your action.

AB 154 is before the full State Assembly where votes can happen any day until May 31st. AB 980 already passed the State Assembly and is now in the State Senate. Please contact you State Assembly Member today asking them to VOTE NO on AB 154.

Feel free to contact your State Senator about AB 980. You can use this link to find your Assembly Member and State Senator: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Please for free to email Benjamin Lopez on ways to take action, receive Action Alerts and more by emailing him at blopez@traditionalvalues.org. Or by calling him at (714) 520-0300.

Benjamin Lopez is the longtime legislative voice in California for the Traditional Values Coalition. He is also a longtime conservative activist serving as a former State Chairman of Young Republicans, Vice President of the California Republican Assembly, the 2006 Republican nominee for State Assembly and current member of  the San Bernardino County Republican Party Central Committee. Ben was credited in 2005 by liberal homosexual State Senator Mark Leno for defeating the gay marriage bill.

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