Tornado Shelters vs. Government Porn?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement after outcries from parents in Oklahoma asking why tornado shelters could not be provided for schools for $600,000 to $1 million per school:

"So where's the money going?  If Oklahoma parents are wondering why the federal government cannot provide the grants to build tornado shelters for our children, they have no further to look than the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

"Rather than prioritize spending, the NIH this year alone decided to pour another $534,626 into Sexpulse, a government funded gay porn site, bringing their grand total over the course of this project to a whopping $6,152,896 since 2001 -- all justified by NIH Director Francis Collins.

"Another goodie bag?  KEGGER!  Claiming “little is known about the behavioral risks that have been associated with collegiate drinking,” one particular researcher was awarded $3,276,420 to study what we already know about college frat boys.

"How many tornado shelters did we ship overseas to the People's Republic of China?  Not only has the NIH funded the Chinese CDC to the tune of $90 million over the last ten years, but the content of this research has been shocking: 14 year old Chinese prostitutes, the spread of STDs among sex workers, and teaching Chinese therapists how to do acupuncture properly. In the last two and half years, NIH has given over $30 million to Chinese scientists working in China to research Chinese problems!  All while China remains the largest holder of American debt.

"So why is researching binge drinking, throwing money at China, and creating government-funded porn more important than building tornado shelters?  These three instances alone would have built 165 tornado shelters across America.  When you reflect that TVC has uncovered over half a billion dollars in waste and abuse at NIH alone, one wonders why the federal government has such a misplaced sense of priorities.

"We all know the federal government is loaded with waste and abuse.  Government functionaries such as Dr. Francis Collins who head up the NIH need to be asked why his government-funded pornography, his binge drinking studies, and the millions funneled to China are more important than the lives of children in Oklahoma.