Rev. Lou Reports from Capitol Hill
Reverend Lou Sheldon is reporting live as the scandals unfold on Capitol Hill regarding the IRS, Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious and others.  Keep checking in as TVC continues to keep its finger on the pulse.

May 22nd, 2013 -- 4:38pm

Once again, I was on the ground floor for the second of what promises to be many rounds of IRS Hearings in the U.S. House Oversight and Investigations Committee.
Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and other committee members did an outstanding job of interrogating and hammering at the stone wall the Obama administration is hurriedly constructing as you're reading this. Chairman Issa and the Oversight Committee put together some facts, and used audio/visual slides of e-mails that were sent from one of the key witnesses -- e-mails which contradicted what the other witnesses said!
This is hearing #2, and the investigations have just begun. 
At one point, the chamber exploded into applause after top IRS official Lois Lerner clearly made her points and then immediately invoked her 5th Amendment right.  Rep. Trey Gowdy immediately fired back:
"She just waived her Fifth Amendment right to privilege,” Mr. Gowdy said. “You don’t get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross-examination. That’s not the way it works.
The chamber exploded in applause.
What was exposed today?  The Obama administration is covering up, and they have an incredble lack of memorization of the events that transpired.  Nothing but pat answers, and the bottom line is simple: we want substance, not fluff!
Even Congressional Democrats are asking tough questions.  They know that there's a big cover up, and they know that it is the Obama administration that did this, and they are trying desperately not the throw the president and his political appointees under the bus -- as well as friendly bureaucrats scurrying about doing Obama's will. 
The Democrats know they have a problem... and they are doing everything to get their act together and their story straight.  Some in the media are pushing the line that the IRS scandal is not a big deal... but the Democrats are in disarray -- doing everything they can to protect themselves first, and one another second.
Chairman Issa and the ranking Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) sang the same tune and asked tough, direct questions.  Members of Congress are shining light and exposing the Obama administration for who they are and what they have done.
These facts are not going away.

May 13th, 2013 -- 1:33pm

For 6 hours, I was there at the Benghazi hearing in Washington.
In the days leading up to the hearing, the leadership in the House was careful to avoid any bragging or signals of what was to come.  

It's taken me a few days to digest all the details.  Believe me, we're no closer to answers from the Obama administration than where we were a week ago.
But, just as importantly, we now have a been understanding of why the answers have been so slow in coming.  All of the murky responses from the White House spokespeople were designed to distract us from the responsibility for the order to "stand down" which had to originate from the very top -- 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
And the act of rewriting talking points and concocting a new version of the attack on those brave officials that day in Benghazi are all accurately described in two words -- cover-up.
Of course, the proof of a cover-up establishes two important facts:
1. Some original wrong had been committed which required the cover-up.
2. And unlike every other attempt this administration makes to explain away its mistakes, there is no blaming George Bush, the House Republicans or sequestration -- Barack Obama and those who watched the live feeds of the Benghazi attack saw but did not act.  They also stopped others from attempting to come to the aid of the Ambassador and those other brave men.

We do know some things today that we did not know, and it's important that I share them with you -- directly.

I sat in the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for six hours listening as Rep. Darryl Issa and others asked some very direct questions.  If you haven't listened to Eric Nordstrom's heart-wrenching testimony, take a moment and watch the video as he breaks down in tears:
It matters to me personally and it matters to my colleagues at the Department of State.  It matters to the American public for whom we serve and most importantly, it matters to the friends and family of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, who were murdered on Sept. 11.
What we do know is this: no video instigated these attacks.  Attempts to rescue Ambassador Stevens were rebuffed at the highest levels of government.  Investigators stopped short of asking the tough questions of those who made the call not to send in the rescue teams.

I spoke with Speaker Boehner briefly about the outcome of the Benghazi hearings.  Boehner told me that Issa did a great job making sure the questions were tough but fair.  Moreover, Boehner assured me that the truth about what happened in Benghazi will come out!

Whatever went wrong at Benghazi, it's clear that the American people now have more questions than answers from the Obama administration.

The ghosts of Benghazi are not going away.