U.S. State Department: Applying Shariah at Home

Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) president Andrea Lafferty has written a letter to the U.S. State Department asking for both transcripts and written records of the individual who called to identify her as a “security threat” to Secretary Hillary Clinton during the closing events capping off the three-day closed door conference to discuss the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18.

“I want to know precisely who identified me as a so-called security threat,” said Lafferty.  “When concerns over the tactics of “peer pressure and shaming” were precisely why Christian groups and others were so alarmed about this closed door three day conference, why would the State Department use those precise tactics to forcibly detain me?”

“Unfortunately, the December 14th incident demonstrates how some officials in our State Department have come down with a bad case of exactly what needs to be cured in non-democracies scattered across the Middle East,” said Lafferty.  “Dissent and free speech critical of Islam only pose a threat to those who fear the free exchange of ideas critical to representative government -- and “threatening” to those who see dissent as something that needs to be punished or crushed.”

Traditional Values Coalition has asked the State Department to respond to their request for information no later than COB Friday, December 16th.


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