Obama’s $147 Million Gift to Palestinian Terror

Washington D.C. (April 26, 2012) -- Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) president Andrea Lafferty commented on President Barack Obama’s unilateral decision to gift $147 million in aid to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories:

“Once again, Americans are presented with foreign policy aims designed to strengthen the hands of our enemies and the enemies of our allies in the Middle East.  Will Palestinian children now see a return of Farfour the Mouse, who urged Palestinian children to martyr themselves?  Will these same children now be taught -- at American taxpayer expense -- to hate Israelis and embrace the ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood?  At what cost?

“Palestinian terrorists have long used children as human shields.  Why are we allowing the Palestinian Authority to use children’s programming such as Sesame Street as a shield to obtain funding from the United States?  Funding that even Palestinian spokesman Abdallah Abdallah said was “not a substitute for wrong American policy.”

“President Obama’s decision to unilaterally renew USAID funding to the Palestinian Authority will achieve nothing.  This will be $147 million of American taxpayer funding spent aiding and comforting a Palestinian political system whose stated goal is to push Israel into the sea.

“The Palestinian Authority does not deserve our assistance, does not appreciate our investment, and will not use it to save Israeli lives.  The American taxpayer deserves a better return on its investment towards peace.”



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