Statement Regarding Ninth Circuit Court Overturning California’s Marriage Amendment

The following is a press statement on Proposition 8 from TVC founder and chairman Rev. Lou Sheldon.  Please check back in with TVC for more updates!

Washington D.C. (February 7th, 2011) -- Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) founder and chairman Rev. Lou Sheldon reacted to the recent Ninth Circuit Federal Appeals Court’s 2-1 ruling overturning California’s marriage amendment:

"What the liberals could not do through the voice of the people, they are forcing through judicial activism.

"The U.S. Ninth Circuit is the same court that rejected the Pledge of Allegiance.  Their ruling today is not surprising.  What should shock people is the timing. 

"Homosexuals and transgenders had their chance to question the constitutionality of Proposition 8 long before it made the ballot.  Now, after having lost at the ballot box, these homosexuals are forcing their agenda through the courts -- a tried and true ally of radical liberals.

"This case now moves to the United States Supreme Court.  Traditional Values Coalition looks forward to a speedy and swift affirmation of the will of Californians, and the rejection of judicial activism from the bench."



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