New IRS Regulations Silence Obama’s Enemies; Leave Friends Untouched

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement today regarding the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen. 

"I applaud Chairman Camp and his colleagues’ efforts to include a discussion regarding the ongoing IRS investigation and the proposed regulations on 501 (c)(4) groups:

“After the Obama administration was caught red-handed targeting Tea Party organizations, their response hasn’t been to clean up their act.  Instead, the Obama administration has chosen to silence 501(c)(4) social advocacy organizations from engaging in non-partisan voter education activities while leaving trade associations and labor unions completely untouched by the new IRS regulations.

“Worse still, these new IRS regulations impact not only federal elections, but state elections, state referenda, county referenda, local elected officials, school boards, and even elections for dog catcher.  The new regulations even go so far as to protect individuals who are even considering a run for public office from the scrutiny of the public eye.

“Ironically enough, the new IRS regulations would give 501(c)(3)’s more latitude than 501(c)(4)’s – ultimately giving tax deductible non-profits even more latitude to engage in social welfare than the specific section of federal code created explicitly for the purpose of social welfare would allow.

 “Of course, what is shocking but not altogether surprising is that labor unions and trade organizations – overwhelmingly supporters of the current administration – are left entirely untouched by the new regulations. 

“Christian social welfare organizations, Tea Party organizations, and other 501(c)(4)s which predominantly oppose the Obama administration’s policies fall victim to the new IRS regulations – all silenced 30 days and 60 days before a primary and general election.

 “Our voice represents over 43,000 churches and millions of Americans across the nation.  For our voices to be silenced because the Obama administration was caught targeting groups is Nixonian at best

“Not only are our rights of free speech – and by our, I mean the millions who have donated and supported Traditional Values Coalition over the years – being threatened by these new IRS regulations, but our constitutional right of free association as well.”