55 Million Abortions Is Enough

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- TVC president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement honoring today's March for Life at the U.S. Supreme Court, noting the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

"Today over 400,000 Americans will march to memorialize the 55 million souls that have perished over the last 40 years.

"Only a barbarian would be proud of this record.  Yet we know today that Planned Parenthood consumes over $542 million in taxpayer funds, successfully committing over 330,000 abortions and securing its legacy as America's #1 abortion chain. 

"Groups such as the Center for Reproductive Rights are actually celebrating abortion.  Such actions show how truly sick the abortion industry really is.

"Today is a reminder that a renewed push from pro-life organizations to defund Planned Parenthood remains a categorical imperative.  Our federal government should not be investing in an organization committed to killing future taxpayers. 

"In America, we believe every human being has the basic right to exist.  Innocence deserves a chance at life.

"The good news?  400,000 pro-lifers are mobilized today to continue the struggle to build a culture of life.  We will build this culture one life at a time.  We will do it in a world where Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry do not receive one red cent of taxpayer funding.  And we'll do it within our lifetimes."