The Hill: Higher Scrutiny For The NIH
August 7, 2011 ~ 0 comments
As more and more of TVC's research comes to light, the institutional rot at the National Instittues of Health becomes less and less tolerable.  Here's a quick excerpt from our op-ed which ran in The Hill last week:
Should a particular field of research violate specific portions of the federal code which are reinforced by commonly accepted standards of human rights and ethical norms outlined in the Helsinki Accords, the entire project should be stopped cold.

The operative word here is “should.”

Of course, federal code is very clear about preventing these lapses of ethical integrity.  Simply put, research endangering the individuals participating is impermissible.  Yet it seems the NIH blindly allows these sorts of grants to wash through.

Closer inspection, however, reveals a disturbing pattern at the NIH where these illicit and sometimes immoral grants seem to slip through the process unnoticed and unchallenged. 

Read it all.  The problems at NIH are but one of the many reasons federal spending and our national debt continues to spiral out of control.