White House: Forget Easter, HAPPY IFTAR!
August 10, 2011 ~ 0 comments

At the White House iftar dinner... the champagne was not Korbel...

Friends will recall that President Barack Obama had very little to say about Easter this year -- the most important holiday for Christians across America. 

In fact, Obama said nothing at all in commemoration of Easter Sunday, drawing the ire of many a conservative commentator and the confusion of many more Christians who compared Obama’s Easter silence with his effusive comments on Ramadan the previous year.

Of course, Ramadan is upon us once again.  How will Obama celebrate this Muslim event?  Why, with a 120 Muslim soiree hosted at the White House in celebration of Iftar!  Muslim Representative Keith Ellison couldn’t help but reminisce about Iftar’s of long ago…

“My favorite iftars are the ones with my family, but I also think that in a country with such diversity, there has been a tradition to honor all faiths, including Muslims,” Ellison said. “I recognize our constitutional separation of church and state, but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with a holiday message or a holiday dinner.”

Ellison doesn’t have a problem with faith as a part of one’s character, you see… provided that it’s his Muslim faith and no one else. 

Alas, if not for double standards, the liberals wouldn’t have any standards at all. 

While the article cites Thomas Jefferson’s reception of the Tunisian ambassador in 1805 (right around the same time when America was fighting its first war against Muslim terrorism in the form of the then-surrendering Barbary Pirates) and other dinners under the Clinton and Bush administrations, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sort out the gambit Obama is playing with the American people. 

To ignore the religious holidays of the vast majority of Christians in the United States while deferring to Muslims doesn’t strike one as the emblematic example of pluralism we hear about so much from certain talking heads. 

Rather, if criticisms of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s role at a Christian prayer event are any indication, a very clear line is being drawn between expressions of the Christian faith among public figures, and expressions of certain non-Christian faiths whose leaders are actively oppressing and condemning to death Christians in other parts of the world.

So while Obama clinks glasses together with his Muslim friends, Americans elsewhere will simply have to wait until their values are better represented and appreciated in the White House.