Does Obama Think Being Pregnant Is An Illness?
August 1, 2011 ~ 3 comments

Ready for some Chicago style strong-arming? 

Too bad… you’re going to get it anyway.  You and hundreds of other Christian hospitals, schools, and institutions across the country.

Apparently in ignorance to his approval rating freefall, President Obama has issued a new decree eliminating co-pays for contraceptives and sterilizations -- even access to the still-dangerous abortifacient RU-486. 

Your government believes this illness... this atrocity MUST BE STOPPED!

That means you are helping to pick up the cost for every pill, abortifacient, patch or IUD -- regardless of whether or not you agree you should be paying for it.  Pregnancy, it would seem to the pro-abortion left, is an illness that requires a cure…

…one that federally funded Planned Parenthood is sure to provide, as they are a prime beneficiary of this co-pay being picked up by insurance pools.

Worse still, Christian institutions don’t get a say as to whether they are exempt or not.  The government chooses that for them.  Peter Roff over at U.S. News and World Report sums up the winners and losers:

One cannot help but wonder who benefits from a new rule like this. For women the benefit is arguably marginal. Birth control devices—for men and for women—are widely and readily available most anywhere in America as well as over the Internet, which sort of argues against it being a case of medical necessity.

Who does benefit? Well, the politicians behind the rule get brownie points with the so-called women's movement which seems to be able to reduce almost every political disagreement to a matter of women's health. It is also reasonable to expect that private groups like Planned Parenthood—which is currently losing a lot of its government funding—will find a way to benefit economically from the move considering the amount of birth control they make available each year.

There you have it.  Families lose -- Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion left win again.