Vikings Punter Gets Paid $1.3 Million; Thinks POTUS Campaigns Cost Too Much
October 17, 2012 ~ 0 comments

Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe doesn't quite get the definition of ironic... (picture source: Politico)

No friends -- this is not an article from the Onion:

The Minnesota Vikings punter posed for a prominent gay magazine. However, Kluwe—who's not gay—isn't coming out. He's speaking out, loudly.

"To me this fight is about equality and human rights," Kluwe said. The fact is that they're American citizens who pay taxes, who serve in our military who defend this country who are not benefiting under the same legal protections and laws that the rest of us are. And to me that's flat out discrimination, that's the same as segregation, or suffrage."

Of course, Kluwe isn't limited to just promoting alternative lifestyles.  Kluwe ironically thinks that America spends far too much money on presidential elections.

...this coming from a punter who makes $1.3 million dollars.  A year.  To kick a ball.

Goes to show there are only two types of liberals: those who can afford to be liberal, and those who would benefit from being liberal.

Kluwe also generously states that he'd be glad to pay more in taxes.  In which case, TVC humbly submits that if Kluwe feels a smidge undertaxed, he can always donate to his government.

Until then... glorified soccer players are free to opine on the topics they choose.