The Obama Sellout Tour Begins...
January 27, 2012 ~ 0 comments

And so, in a three-day romp across America after what had to be one of the most boring, uninspiring State of the Union Addresses in memory, Obama has decided to bore everyone else by taking the same talking points on tour.

First stop?  The University of Michigan -- home of the Wolverines.

...and of course, what is the University of Michigan asking for?  What else?  More money.

Last month, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman wrote an open letter to Obama describing the affordability of higher education as "a thorny issue that demands a national conversation." She'll be among those on hand for the speech at Al Glick Field House, the school's indoor football practice facility.

"Higher education is a public good currently lacking public support," Coleman wrote. "There is no stronger trigger for rising costs at public universities and colleges than declining state support. The University of Michigan and our state's 14 other public institutions have been ground zero for funding cuts."

Now ignore just for a moment what they might be spending that money on -- perhaps NIH funding priorities like measuring out the male anatomy, or gifting that money to Communist China -- and focus rather on what Obama is doing here.

Obama is going to a constituency of college-age students held hostage by university educators who want more money, and are willing to force students to pay if they don't get their budget requests.  Grateful college students caught between a rock and a hard place will volunteer and vote in droves for the candidate flinging money at their university in lieu of tuition hikes.  

It's a beautiful thing.  For a liberal.

So while Obama emasculates the American military, college professors get all the dough they need.  Oh -- and visits from the President of the United States, of course...